Born in the Midwest, Charlotte Dike grew up in a musical household with a cellist and violinist for parents, and has played piano as long as she can remember. While she received classical training, her musical interests quickly expanded into ragtime, musicals, pop music, R&B, and movie soundtracks. Ensemble playing was also a fundamental part of Charlotte’s musical upbringing. At a young age, she played with the local youth orchestra, and was frequently recruited to accompany her sister on vocals, her mother’s cello students, and her school choir.

Charlotte’s family moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2000. As a student of the Academy of Music Northwest, she had the privilege of performing classical chamber music in recital and on KING FM radio. At the age of fifteen, Charlotte entered the University of Washington, and soon began playing weddings, church services, and other events, as well as accompanying her fellow students for recitals and auditions. She received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Bachelor of Arts in Scandinavian Studies in 2008.

In 2011, Charlotte received a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the University of British Columbia, where she studied under renowned pianist Jane Coop. She continues to enjoy playing across a wide variety of genres, including Classical, Jazz, Ragtime, Country, Hip-Hop, Pop music, and movie soundtracks.

Charlotte lives in Seattle, Washington. She currently accompanies at the Lakeside School and Bear Creek Strings. She performs regularly as a soloist and member of various ensembles, and maintains a private piano studio.